Bonasse Biochemistry Feed Company (Zhanjiang)
Bonasse Biochemistry Feed Company in Zhanjiang, China is a subsidy of Bonasse Biochemistry Scientificand Technological Feed Company of Taiwan. The company was founded in the 1960s and has since developed its famous 'Bonasse' brand. Bonasse is series of aquatic products created through careful bioengineering research and market development over the last 30 years. Its products are exported to Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and the rest of the southeastern Asian market. The market also includes Taiwan and the coast of China. Bonasse specializes in producing and selling non-polluted biochemical feed. The reputation of the product very well regarded in the market. The products include feed that increases the appetite of fry and nauplius, shrimp fake, feed for nutrition that can improve the immunity of larvae, feed for improving water quality and special biological feed that prevents illness. 'Bonasse' products are manufactured with a combination of high quality of raw materials and advanced biotechnology. Since 2004, the company has got the certificates of CM selling famous brand in China, AAA Quality credit Enterprise, ISO9001:2000 and HACCP.

The production line of Bonasse Biochemistry Feed Company in Zhanjiang, China can increase its productivity of feed for fry and nauplius. The company is located in the Xidi Development Zone, Zhanjiang, Guangdong Province, China. The environment of the plant is elegant; numerous technicians and advanced equipment help to manufacture feed for fry and nauplius. The products have passed the approval of experts, the examination of Quality Inspection Center in Guangdong and Agriculture Bureau in China and the evaluation of Council for Agricultural Planning & Development of the Executive Yuan in Taiwan. Its quality has met the requirements of technology set by the Nation and Department. Furthermore, each sample has resulted to a level that is higher than the requested index of the Nation. Presently the company is devoted to providing feed/cultivating equipment, cultivating larvae and preventing disease. 


Due to developments in biotechnology, the cultivating ecology and natural environment can be well maintained. The newest nano-technology is being studied and applied by our experts into the products. The feed and bio products are environmentally friendly so there is no pollution and other residual waste. It brings a new chance for cultivating aquatic products. This industry's sustainability can continue and the sea's ecology can be well maintained. 
Due to significantincrease in material, people’s pursuit of quality of life is getting higher and higher, green food becomes an indispensable part of life , development of green agriculture is imperative. In order to work closely with the market, to develop green agriculture ,to preserve the ecological environment, and to make benefitto mankind, the company using formula of natural plant manufactures organic fertilizer that are pollution-free, harmless to the effect of biological and has laid a foundation for the development of green agriculture.
Sincerity, good reputation and quality service are the operating concepts of Bonasse Biochemistry Feed Company. Providing a high quality of the product is the main goal of the company as well as developing a win-win situation and ensuring customer satisfaction. Bonasse would like to create a brilliant future with you.



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